Where to locate my company ? To which markets do I export ? How to find the best partners abroad ? How to set up or acquire a company abroad ?

How to reduce my production costs ? Should I relocate the company or a part of it ? Is it possible to optimize production and, at the same time, improve the working and living conditions of my workers ?

NOROES will always provide concrete and efficient solutions to all your questions, facilitating or creating the necessary synergies. NOROES does not claim to provide you with the only existing solution but rather qualitative alternatives so you can compare the different available options. With NOROES, the world is your market !

The North West of Spain enjoys an enormous logistical potential due to its privileged geographic location and high-quality infrastructures.

“A day will come when there will be no battlefields, but markets opening to commerce and minds opening to ideas.”

(Victor Hugo)


Located in Spain and Switzerland, NOROES has a vast network of confirmed partners with an excellent track record in both countries (lawyers, tax affair lawyers, business and estate consultants, etc.)

We will go with you through all the stages of the process (due diligence, legal and taxing terms, etc.) before deciding what you want and what you need, to provide an accurate selection suitable for your needs and demands.


NOROES brings efficient and adapted solutions.

In a world that is constantly changing and increasingly globalized, for many different reasons (expansion strategies, international visibility, cost reduction, relocation, etc.) companies must adapt their needs, adjust objectives and remain responsive in order to continue raising their competitive edge.

Decisions to reduce costs, to optimize available resources or to open new markets drive the growth of your company.

NOROES is your reference partner.



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